Hamearis lucina - Duke of Burgundy Butterfly

Image of Aglais io Butterfly

Formal Name: Hamearis lucina

Informal Name: Duke of Burgundy

Conservation Status: No threat to conservation and numbers have been on the rise

Location: Europe and Asia

Average Wingspan (cm): 3.1

Seen Between: May - July

Description: Hamearis lucina is informally known as Duke of Burgundy. It has an average wingspan of 3.1cm.

The dorsal side of their wings is a chequered pattern of brown, black and orange. The ventral side of their wings is a similar pattern, but chequered with white.

They are likely to be seen between the months of May and June. Their natural habitat consists of woodland clearings, chalk & limestone grassland and areas where their food source grows. They prefer areas where there is some shelter, such as near tussocky vegetation. As caterpillars, they feed on Cowslip and Primrose. In their butterfly stage, they feed on plants such as Hawthorns, Buttercups and Tormentil.

Hamearis lucina is classed as a priority species under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan due to its population decline. In other parts of Europe, this butterfly is classed as the least concern with no threat to its numbers.