Erynnis tages tages - Dingy Skipper Butterfly

Image of Aglais io Butterfly

Formal Name: Erynnis tages tages

Informal Name: Dingy Skipper

Conservation Status: No threat to conservation and numbers have been on the rise

Location: Europe and Asia

Average Wingspan (cm): 3

Seen Between: May - July

Description: Erynnis tages tages are informally known as Dingy Skipper. It has an average wingspan of 3cm.

The dorsal side of the wings is brown with a band of white/brown outlining the front wings. Small white markings appear on the back wings. The ventral side of the wings is also brown with small white spot markings on them.

Their wings help to give some protection as they camouflage in their habitats. This Dingy skipper is seen between April and August. Its natural habitat consists of chalk & limestone cliffs, woodland clearings and railway embankments. They like being out in the sun and enjoy the warmth. During the cooler evenings, they will settle closer to the ground.

Erynnis tages tages lay their eggs individually on the leaves of the Birds-Foot Trefoil, a plant that's also a prefered source of food for these butterflies. The Dingy Skipper also feeds on Horseshoe vetch, Buttercups and Hawkweeds. This butterfly is classed as a priority species under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan due to its population decline.