Colias croceus - Clouded Yellow Butterfly

Image of Aglais io Butterfly

Formal Name: Colias croceus

Informal Name: Clouded Yellow

Conservation Status: Its conservation status is classed as least concern/ low, with no apparent threat.

Location: North Africa, Southern Europe

Average Wingspan (cm): 5

Seen Between: July- October

Description: Colias croceus is informally known as the Clouded Yellow butterfly. It has an average wingspan of 5cm.

They are found near downland (chalk cliffs and hills) and the countryside between July and October. Clouded Yellow feeds on nectar from Knapweed, Thistles, Dandelion and Ragwort. The female can lay up to 600 eggs at a time. Currently, there is no threat to them as their conservation status is low risk.

Their wings have yellow/ orange colouring on the upper side with black edging. The front wings have a small black dot in the middle of the yellow whereas, the back wings have a yellow/ orange dot. Along the black edging, you can see small white and yellow markings. However, they tend to rest with their wings closed, so you're only able to see the topside when they are in flight.