Coenonympha tullia - Common Ringlet Butterfly

Image of Aglais io Butterfly

Formal Name: Coenonympha tullia

Informal Name: Common Ringlet

Conservation Status: Its conservation status is classed as least concern/ low, with no apparent threat.

Location: Europe, Asia, North Africa

Average Wingspan (cm): 4.1

Seen Between: July- August

Description: Coenonympha tullia is informally known as the Common Ringlet. It has an average wingspan of 4.1cm.

They prefer habitats that are damp and shaded like woodlands, verges and meadows. As caterpillars, they eat grass, whereas the butterflies eat the nectar from Bramble and Wild Privet. Predators of the common ringlet include amphibians, birds and reptiles. Coenonympha tullia currently has a conservation status of least concern.

The upper side of the wing is orange and brown, whilst the underside is a dull white and brown with varyingly sized circles along the edge. These circles are what give the common ringlet its name. The Common Ringlet is found across most of the United Kingdom, except Northern Scotland. They are most likely to be seen between July and August.