Celastrina argiolus - Holly Blue Butterfly

Image of Aglais io Butterfly

Formal Name: Celastrina argiolus

Informal Name: Holly Blue

Conservation Status: No risk to this butterfly. They are low priority under the Butterfly Conservation Act.

Location: North America, Central America, Europe, Asia

Average Wingspan (cm): 3

Seen Between: April- September

Description: Celastrina argiolus also known as the Holly Blue. It has an average wingspan of 3cm.

Its wings are blue, the upper side having black tips at the end of the front wings with small black spots at the edge of the back wings. The underside of the wing is blue with a hint of silver to them with small black markings on them.

Holly Blue are seen across America, Europe and Asia. They are classed as a low priority with no threat. They can be seen across the UK and more frequently in Wales and England. They are seen in gardens, parks, hedgerows and woods between April and September. The greatest predatory threat to this butterfly is wasps. As caterpillars, they feed on Holly, Snowberries and Brambles. The butterflies consume nectar from Holly, Ivy, Honeydew, Thistles and Forget-Me-Nots.