Callophrys rubi - Green Hairstreak Butterfly

Image of Aglais io Butterfly

Formal Name: Callophrys rubi

Informal Name: Green Hairstreak

Conservation Status: Butterfly conservation priority is a medium. Some threat to colonies size in some regions.

Location: Europe, North Africa, Asia

Average Wingspan (cm): 2.8

Seen Between: April - July

Description: Callophrys Rubi is also known as the Green Hairstreak. It has an average wingspan of 2.8cm.

Callophrys Rubi eats from a wide range of plants including Common Rock Rose, Bird's- Foot Trefoil, Cross-Leaved Heath and Dogwood. You'll be able to see it in its natural habitats of moorlands, woods, and meadows between April and July. The Green Hairstreak is spotted throughout most of the UK but they are unlikely to be found in the garden. They are classed as a medium priority on the Butterfly Conservation list due to the decline in numbers over recent years.

The Green Hairstreak gets its name from the vibrant green on the underside of its wing. The upper side is a dull brown. To maintain camouflage, they always keep their wings closed whilst not in flight. The green underside of the wing allows the butterfly to blend with its surroundings.