Aricia artaxerxes - Northern Brown Argus

Image of Aglais io Butterfly

Formal Name: Aricia artaxerxes

Informal Name: Northern Brown Argus Butterfly

Conservation Status: The Butterfly conservation have listed the priority as High.

Location: UK

Average Wingspan (cm): 2.8

Seen Between: June- August

Description: Aricia Artaxerxes is informally known as the Northern Brown Argus. It has an average wingspan of 2.8cm.

Aricia Artaxerxes is spotted in Northern England and Scotland between June and August. Its habitat consists of grasslands, dunes, coastal valleys, slopes and hollows. The Northern Brown Argus' diet consists of nectar from Common Rock-rose, Thistles, Brambles, Heather and Thyme. Their conservation threat is classed High due to a decline in numbers caused by loss of habitat. They are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside act.

Their wings are similar to the Brown Argus. They are slightly darker in appearance, with brown wings and white edging and distinct orange spots on the upper side; and a lighter brown/ white on the underside with white, black, and orange spots.