Aricia agestis - Brown Argus Butterfly

Image of Aglais io Butterfly

Formal Name: Aricia agestis

Informal Name: Brown Argus Butterfly

Conservation Status: Butterfly conservation threat is low and is not at threat

Location: UK

Average Wingspan (cm): 2.8

Seen Between: May - September

Description: Aricia agestis also known as the Brown Argus. It has an average wingspan of 2.8cm.

They are seen between May and September. The natural habitat of the Brown Argus consists of grassland/ grassy verges, dunes and woodland; and can be found in South East England, Midlands and Wales. They are not at a high threat level on the conservation status. This status means there is currently no risk of endangerment for Aricia agestis. The Brown Argus eats nectar from Buttercups, White Clover and Common Rock-rose.

Their wings are brown on both sides and have a white marking around the very edge of the wings. They also have orange spots towards the edge of the wing on both sides. On the underside, they have black and white spots. Their appearance is similar to the Northern Brown Argus.