Aphantopus hyperantus - The Ringlet Butterfly

Image of Aglais io Butterfly

Formal Name: Aphantopus hyperantus

Informal Name: The Ringlet Butterfly

Conservation Status: This is a common butterfly with no threat to endangerment. Catergorised as 'least concern' in the conservation status

Location: Most of Europe

Average Wingspan (cm): 3.9

Seen Between: June- August

Description: Aphantopus hyperantus is informally known as the Ringlet butterfly. It has an average wingspan of 3.9cm.

They are likely to be seen between June and August in their natural habitats of woodlands, grass verges, riverbanks and farmland. It's a common butterfly with no threat to its conservation status. As a caterpillar, they eat various grasses. Ringlet butterflies consume nectar from Bramble and Wild Privet flowers. The Ringlet butterfly has several predators like birds and reptiles. Aphantopus hyperantus are spotted in most places across the UK except Northern Scotland.

The Ringlet's wings are the same on both sides; they are brown with a velvet texture. They have several small spots that look like eyes (a white dot in the centre of a black spot, circled by a yellow ring). However, when it first appears, the younger male butterfly is almost black, which then fades into a lighter brown.